A Boston hockey player and a Chicago wrestler had a vision to bring the Endless Summer vibes of sunny Los Angeles to cities all over the world. 

Mack Richardson and Joe Randazzo created Kimono Jo in January 2018. Our Kimonos are completely hand crafted in the Fashion District of Los Angeles.

One day we decided to stand out and wear colorful kimonos to the beach. We found that not only did the other surfers and the entire beach community embrace the look of the kimono, but people asked us where we got them. 

They proved to be a functional, fashionable, and unique expression of clothing. With the help of LA Fashion Guru Ari Jogiel, we began designing, grading, sewing, and producing our Kimono Jo right here in freaking Los Angeles!


Our dream is to see girls and guys flowing in the kimono at pool parties, concerts, tailgates, bars, and beaches all over the world! 


Don't let your Dreams just be Dreams...